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Country Acres Homeowners Association

Members Page
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We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.  If you know of any birthdays, anniversaries, prayer requests, or some good news to share, please click on the 'Contact Us' page and fill out the comment form.  You can also contact a board member by phone.

Prayer Requests
Please call us with your prayer requests!

Thank you...
to Ron and Eileen Howrigon for the work they have put into our new Village Park and game area - on the corner of Country Blvd. and Old Farm. Take a walk, stop by and rest on one of the park can watch everyone coming and going!  And, next year there will be an area to play bocci ball!  Take a hike and take a look!

Recent Events

Our first cookout/auction was a huge SUCCESS!  Our resident auctioneer Bob Scott, Sr. did a great job hollering out the bids!   A big thank you to him and the entertainment committee and to everyone who attended! There were many items auctioned...did you bid on something?

Smilie Face

And, there were presents for everyone, and yummy goodies, and lots and lots of friends!!!

Table setting
Hope you didn't miss the fun!

New Members
  • John and Jane Doe, 0000 Country Blvd.
  • Jane Doer, 0001 Country Blvd.
  • etc.

Member Birthdays
  • December 25 - Jane Doe - 98 years
  • etc.

Member Anniversaries

  • December 1 - John and Jane Doe, 75 yrs
  • etc.

Miscellaneous Member News
  • Congratulations to Jack and Jill Doe, married December 2!
  • etc.

Our Condolences

Sincere sympathy to the family and friends of:

  •  Leonard Klok

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