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Country Acres Homeowners Association

WOW ...Did You Know?
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If we learn something that could help other residents in anyway, (physically, financially, etc.) let's share the information with all our neighbors in the community.  Contact any board member and it will be put on this page of our website.

How do you feel about the stimulus tax rebate?  The "rebate" is designed to stimulate the economy and pull us away from a possible recession.  The idea - increased consumer spending giving the economy a boost  - sounds good in theory.  Have you already spent this money in your mind?  Remember that this is 'free' money.  What if you could take this free money, invest it in a good mutual fund, and make MORE free money!    If you get $600 back, put it in a mutual fund averaging 12%, in 10 years, that investment will grow to about $2000.  Tell your kids to leave it in that same mutual fund for 20 years and it will be worth $6,500.  For the young married couples that receive $1200, putting it in that same mutual fund for 20 years would grow to $13,000!  How's that for FREE money!
Let's say you can afford to add to that mutual fund...take the $1200 and put it into a fund with a 10% annual rate of return.  And then put an additional $100.00 a month into the fund.  In 5 years (assuming monthly compounding) your investment (starting with FREE money) will be worth $9,782.58! 
When would you be a millionaire???  How about the year 2061!

IDENTITY THEFT...Everyone has heard this term latelyDid you know that 217 million people have been affected by data breaches in under 3 years as of August 21, 2007?!  There have been security breaches of one sort or another at hundreds of businesses.  Including some in Michigan.  Computers, files and data drives stolen or missing, or even just dumped in the garbage.  The Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, GE Money Bank, Bank of America, JC Penney, and many, many other businesses and credit card companies have been compromised. 
Should you buy ID Theft Insurance?  Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey?  He is well known for his 7 steps to being "debt free".  Here is a direct quote from him. 
"Identity Theft Statistics are spinning out of control. Your personal information is on file everywhere and thieves are stealing it to not only establish credit, but they use it for employment, insurance, benefits and social security fraud. It’s crucial to have a thorough protection plan that helps minimize your risk, and takes over all the time consuming work if you do become a victim. Other programs offering credit monitoring and fraud alerts only deal with part of the problem. I worked with Zander Insurance to help make sure their program was the most comprehensive and affordable plan available. That’s why I bought it for my family, my team members and recommend it for all my listeners and their families."
An individual plan costs $72.00 annually or $6.50 per month; and a family plan costs $140 annually or $12.50 per month.  These prices are from Zander Insurance.  Their website is  There is also a chronological list of the companies that have had security breaches in the last 3 years at this website. 

After contacting Consumers Energy to see if there is a special rate for senior citizens; Customer Service Rep. Brigitte Steelman responded:
...."Yes, we do have a senior rate for electricity for any customer who is over 65 years old.  All the customer needs to do is contact us and let us know they are over 65 years old."
If you are 65 years old or more, call the phone number on your bill. 
Thank you to the Country Acres resident that brought this to our attention.  Senior citizens deserve all the breaks they can get!

At Meijer, Select Antibiotics are FREE!  
"Rising health care costs are having a dramatic impact on families across the country, especially here in the Midwest.  Our free antibiotic program is the next step Meijer is taking to lead the industry toward improving the health of our customers.  It is all about delivering higher standards."   -Mark Murray, Meijer President
The program covers leading, oral generic antibiotics with a special focus on the prescriptions most often filled for children.  The following are FREE with your doctor's prescription, regardless of insurance or co-pay: 
Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, SMZ-TMP, Ciprofloxacin, Ampicillin, Penicillin, VK Erythromycin
Prescription must be picked up at store in person.  Maximum 14 day supply at normal oral dosages.  Does not include extended release formulations.  List may be subject to change.  Not valid with any other offer.
As part of their commitment to lowering health care costs, Walmart offers over 360 prescription drugs at only $4.00 per 30-day supply.  The list of eligible drugs includes preventive meds, as well as treatments for conditions and diseases in over 18 categories.  This is regardless of any insurance and co-pays.  Check the pharmacy at Walmart to see if the prescriptions you need are on the list.
If you can use a generic drug (and many people do), K-Mart has a list of select drugs for only $15.00 for a 90-day prescription.  Contact K-Mart's pharmacy for instructions on using this program.

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