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Country Acres Homeowners Association

Webmaster's Log
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This page will have a chronological listing of all changes, additions, and deletions made to the website.  It will not show on the navigation bar and will be available only to the webmaster. 

NOTE:  This website was created by Teri Rogers in November 2007.  The current contract with Tripod for use of this URL will expire in November 2010.  The cost for this 3 year contract was $36.95 paid by the Country Acres Homeowners Association.

The whole month of November 2007 was spent creating the basic website.  Used some ideas from the Swan Creek Website. 
11/28/07 - #98
11/29/07 - # 106
12/1/07 - #117
12/4/07 -  #149
12/5/07 - #160
12/7/07 - #171 - Website was published!
12/11/07 - #177 - Updates for Wanda on the trips.  Update on Golden Girl Travelers lunch.
12/12/07 - Added Bells and Greeting on Home Page, Plan to trip page, removed verbage from neewsletter section "to this section".
12/14/07 - #186
12/17/-7 #197 - Changed Trip Page from Tuesday, Jan. 23rd to "Wednesday" per Wanda
12/18/08 - #199 - added consumers rate relief note
1/3/08 - #208 - Added Mary Engels - condolences, changed New Year logo & picture, worked on links page
1/4/08 - #221
1/7/08 - #225 - added links (Civic Theatre, US Legal Forms, Gilmore Car Museum, HS sports Schedules); Added Ever Wonder...; & only 1 in America... onlinks page.  Added note re:voting on 1/16 on the Home Page
1/9/08 - added link to Almanac, link to Medicare, alphabetized the links  (all on the Links page)
1/21/08 - Changed Home Page picture to snow scene and changed greeting. 
1/24/08 - # 236 - Added the January Board minutes to the Board Meeting page, added this "log" page for the webmaster notes, deleted the December Board Meeting notes.
2/3/08 - #241 - Added new owners to New Residents page, added dues reminder to Home Page.  Updated the Calendar of Events. 
3/16/08 - #268 - changed dues reminder on Home page to say April 7th.  Added Dick Walsh and deleted Gordon Kramer to board members.  Changed picture from snowscene to Trees.  Added Tornado shelter message to home page.  Added note re: Ultimate Destinations website to "Trips" page.  Added Spring Fling trip to "Trips" page.  Changed the Jan. and Feb. Calendars to April and May on the Events Page. 
 4/3/08 - Added Fran Therkilsen prayer request and deleted all old ones. 
4/10/08 -(#280) Added note re: semi annual board meeting on Home Page. added trips to Trip Page. Added events to the Calendar of Events page. 4/29/08 - (#286) Added Black Swan, and Ladies swim exercises to Calendar, Added note re pool closures to Home page. Added Chicago Cubs trip to Trip page. 10/23/08 - (371), new board members, added birthday note to site, letter from manager, changed title and links to home page and deleted manager's individual page. Added a Homes for Sale page.
Country Acres Homeowners Association,  Kalamazoo, MI 49004.  Site created November, 2007.